Rupert Murdoch and the iPad Experiment

Media Mogul, Rupert Murdoch, doesn’t want to miss the revolution again – he already stumbled with MySpace.

So, this time, he’s partnering with Steve Jobs at Apple in a risky, innovative iPad publishing move with his new ‘newspaper’,  The Daily  (if ‘paper’ is an apt word in the digital age).

And, this experiment is very different from Murdoch’s traditional businesses. For example, advertisers in the launch are paying a flat fee instead of a cost-per-thousand. And, there are no estimates of potential audience size.

It will be a very costly experiment whether it works or fails.

And, there are some real stumbling blocks.  First, it will be very challenging to provide content that is so different from that already available on the web that people will pay 99 cents a day for it.  Second, its content won’t be easily searchable – which means Murdoch will have to rely on word-of-mouth without easy links.

Let’s watch this closely.  Very few ‘new’ businesses succeed based on their expectations. If they succeed, it’s usually in an unexpected way. More at…

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