Buying TV by Age & Gender Isn’t Effective

If you’ve been buying TV based on the age and gender of the audience, you might be wasting your money.

As CBS research guru David Poltrack said, ”There is no link, none, between the age of the specified demographic delivery of the campaign and the sales generated by that campaign.”

Setting the stage for a spirited debate, he suggests that advertisers focus on heavy users of their product instead.

A smart summary of his findings can be found in this article at Advertising Age.

The article identifies 6 consumer segments based on CBS-Neilsen research, specifically…

TV companions: For this group, TV is almost always on and is like a member of the family.

Media trendsetters: Early adopters of technology and new content, and also 39% multicultural.

Sports enthusiasts: Made up mostly of men, but most guys aren’t classified here. This group also likes action-adventure programming.

Program passionates: Highly involved with favorite shows, and the biggest DVR time-shifters.

Surfers and streamers: Most open to watching alternative content on TV and most often using laptops or tablets to multitask while watching TV. They skew young, but include a large component of 50-plus people.

TV moderators: Those who enjoy being experts and leading others’ choices.

Now, the question is – do these segments only help CBS or is there something of value for others who use TV for advertising?

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