Conversation is Messaging

The Cluetrain Manifesto is celebrating its 10th anniversary (that’s 100 years in Internet years). When it first burst on the scene, one chapter – Markets Are Conversations – jumped out with its bold insight about how to succeed online.

As I re-read the chapter recently, it reminded me that what is old is new again.

Written by Doc Searls and David Weinberger, its central thesis was “There is no demand for messages, there is a tremendous demand for good conversation”.

No demand for messages.  No demand for pop-up, rollover or takeover ads. No one waiting to hear from you.  Unless you are part of a “conversation”.

But now, online, a conversation is much more than words.

It’s more than Facebook and Twitter.  It’s TripAdvisor or a return email from tech support that helps solve your problem.  It’s searchable content and even smart, updated FAQs on your site.

Because 10 years after the Cluetrain manifesto, the internet has turned “conversations”  into actions, comments, site design, and, even corporate behavior. And, like all conversations, they only continue as long as they interesting and engaging.

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