On Twitter, Bloggers Live Longer Than Media

Now here’s some myth busting research about Twitter. From experts at Cornell University and Yahoo.

It shows the power of bloggers, the two-step process of driving media content, and the life span of videos and music (they can last forever).

The stats show that if you want your Tweets to get noticed, it helps to be a celebrity, a blogger, or someone who posts URLs on videos or music.

Key findings include…

1. ‘Elite’ Tweeters account for almost half of all posted URLs. Not tweets. ‘Posted’ URLs.

2. These ‘elite’ Tweeters are a tiny fraction of those with accounts – 0.05%. Not 1/2 of 1%. 10 times smaller.

3. Aston Kucher and Lady Gaga are the top 2 elite Tweeters.

4. On Twitter, there is tendency for individuals to associate with others of the same kind. In other words, celebrities follow celebrities, media follow media, bloggers follow bloggers, etc. No surprise here. We go deep into our own kind.

5. Here’s a big one. A special class of ‘ordinary’ users pass along almost half the information from the media. Here’s a direct quote from the study, “almost half the information that originates from the media passes to the masses indirectly via a diffuse intermediate layer of opinion leaders, who although classified as ordinary users, are more connected and more exposed to the media than their followers.” In other words, the media really can’t control the conversation any more.

6. If a blogger says it, it’s likely to live a lot longer than if the media say it. “…different types of content exhibit very different lifespans: media-originated URLs are disproportionately represented among short-lived URLs while those originated by bloggers tend to be overrepresented among long-lived URLs.”

7. Videos and music are the longest lived URLs. “…the longest-lived URLs are dominated by content such as videos and music, which are continually being rediscovered by Twitter users and appear to persist indefinitely.”

If you want to dig deep into the study, you can download it here at Yahoo Research where you’ll get all the math, stats and stories.

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