The Glass is 14% Full

If you’re out there with online display ads, do you wring your hands when you read in MediaPost that ‘only’ 14% of people can  name the company, the brand or the product for the last display ad they saw? We suggest you should think again.

That’s a huge number!

Think about it. Do you remember the company, brand or product for the last TV ad you saw? Or the last magazine ad you saw? It’s likely that you don’t even remember that there was an ad.

And, when it comes to relevance, “2.8% of respondents said they thought the ads they saw met their needs to either answer a question or provide more information”. That compares well to direct response advertising, especially direct mail.

There’s no question that display ads could be better, more targeted, more creative, and presented in less cluttered environments. However, they aren’t dead yet. This glass isn’t 86% empty. It’s 14% full.

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