Radio’s 5 Customers

“Radio is at the tipping point, and it doesn’t want to know much about the way its customers are changing.”

Putting Segmentation to Practice

Recently, Daniel Yankelovich and David Meer published an article in the Harvard Business Review on market segmentation. It’s a good explanation of segmentation’s power in capturing market opportunities and increasing a company’s understanding of it target customers.  They say: Fifty-nine percent of recently surveyed companies executed a major market-segmentation initiative in the previous two years. [...]

The Seven Essential Connections

New media has shifted marketing perception suggesting the rules for brand building have dramatically changed.

Actually, the rules haven’t changed — and neither has the end goal. Rather, it’s the methods and choices used to build those brands that have changed the way brands are marketed, with some new powerful tools gaining popularity and other previously-strong tools losing power (or already lost it).

Here’s what remains as true and essential today as always: for significant and meaningful brand building connections and branding engagement, brands have to share common ground with the desired customer.