The Glass is 14% Full

If you’re out there with online display ads, do you wring your hands when you read in MediaPost that ‘only’ 14% of people can  name the company, the brand or the product for the last display ad they saw? We suggest you should think again. That’s a huge number! Think about it. Do you remember the [...]

On Twitter, Bloggers Live Longer Than Media

Now here’s some myth busting research about Twitter. From experts at Cornell University and Yahoo. It shows the power of bloggers, the two-step process of driving media content, and the life span of videos and music (they can last forever). The stats show that if you want your Tweets to get noticed, it helps to [...]

The Huge Canary in The Internet Coal Mine

Facebook’s stuttering IPO has the doomsday drums beating. They will fail. The model won’t hold. The stock will collapse. It’s all about Facebook and its stock price. But, there is a bigger story here – one that we wrote about back in 2009 – the Chaos Scenario, Bob Garfield’s theory that the price of advertising [...]

Why CBS Radio Will Love Acura (for a while)

The dirty little secret of the mobile revolution is that real ’mobility’ is expensive. Very expensive. And, the jury is out as to whether the consumer will pay. Here are the facts. There are basically two kinds of mobile. Wi-Fi and Wireless. For Wi-Fi, you have to stop moving and sit or stand in your home, a [...]

What Latina Moms Want Online in 2012

If you are advertising to Hispanics, it’s more important than ever to understand the nuances in their online behaviors. That’s our conclusion after researching online Latina moms for Mamiverse, a fast growing website that caters to this influential market. By researching over 1000 moms, we  identified 6 different types (segments) of online Latina moms, providing [...]

Mobile Research 2012 – Updates and Best Practices

2012 will be the year of mobile research – as marketers try to reach the increasingly elusive consumer on-the-move. And, if you think mobile research is tough now, consider this … “Mobile research hasn’t been defined yet”. That’s the assessment of Dr. Tim Snaith,  researcher, customer service expert and co-founder of OnePoint Global -  one [...]

Motivations: Why We ‘Share’ Online

Here’s how to make your blog, your tweets, your Facebook page, and even your LinkedIn profile more effective. Just check out this new study from CIG and The New York Times. This new research suggests 5 key motivations for sharing online (they apply when we share offline too).  To bring  valuable and entertaining content to others – [...]