Rupert Murdoch and the iPad Experiment

Media Mogul, Rupert Murdoch, doesn’t want to miss the revolution again – he already stumbled with MySpace. So, this time, he’s partnering with Steve Jobs at Apple in a risky, innovative iPad publishing move with his new ‘newspaper’,  The Daily  (if ‘paper’ is an apt word in the digital age). And, this experiment is very different [...]

Local Sales, Groupon and Radio

Groupon turned down more than $6 billion from Google. Why? Because they think they are worth more. And, they think they are worth more because they have thousands of real salespeople going after businesses in local markets all over the country. They think these real salespeople are worth billions – because it makes it harder [...]

The New Rules: A Power Shift Re-Shaping Media

John Parikhal, CEO of Joint Communications and author of The Baby Boom says there’s a power shift going on that’s re-shaping the media. As a result, old rules are being changed and new ones are being created.

NASCAR Stays on Track With Fans

Lately, we’ve been looking at Listenomics, the new business model that encourages business to seriously listen to the customer – and to do what they suggest. We’ve been looking for case studies and found another one at NASCAR, the ultimate ‘fan driven’ business. By tapping into their fans and listening to their suggestions, NASCAR has [...] Do African-Americans Need a Separate Search Engine?

“Rushmore’s failure is really about a lack of consumer understanding. They didn’t recognize the difference between search and engagement. Search usually starts with utility — just give me something I want. That’s what Google, Yahoo and Bing are fighting over. It has less to do with color. But engagement (which really makes ads work) is different.

Formats are the Internet’s Killer App

Formats are the internet’s killer app. Yet, they get little attention and even less respect. Formats create more value online than content. Yet, content gets all the press. There’s already a mountain of content available online – most of it free. We don’t need more content. We need better formats. Formats have been around for [...]