Buying TV by Age & Gender Isn’t Effective

If you’ve been buying TV based on the age and gender of the audience, you might be wasting your money. As CBS research guru David Poltrack said, ”There is no link, none, between the age of the specified demographic delivery of the campaign and the sales generated by that campaign.” Setting the stage for a spirited [...]

Making Money From ‘Context’

Magazines are finding new markets by chopping up their stories and issuing  them as mini e-books.  And, they are making money from it. They are learning that people no longer want more facts about the news – they are  already overwhelmed by information from TV, radio, blogs, tweets and the internet. Instead, people look for [...]

600,000 Twitter Impressions and Only 10 Clicks

This is a cautionary tale on the do’s and don’ts of social media… A top blogger (Tom Webster) got his Twitter message out with a reach of more  than  600,000 people on Twitter – using social networking friends who are in the  top 10-20% of influencers to help him. He was looking for something [...]

Harvard Business School on Groupon

If you are using coupons (or Groupon) to build traffic, here’s some news from  Harvard’s Business School. They say that ‘discount vouchers are likely to be most effective for businesses that  are relatively unknown and have low marginal costs’. In other words, Groupon isn’t likely to help a company that people already  know, like The Gap, [...]

Rupert Murdoch and the iPad Experiment

Media Mogul, Rupert Murdoch, doesn’t want to miss the revolution again – he already stumbled with MySpace. So, this time, he’s partnering with Steve Jobs at Apple in a risky, innovative iPad publishing move with his new ‘newspaper’,  The Daily  (if ‘paper’ is an apt word in the digital age). And, this experiment is very different [...]

Local Sales, Groupon and Radio

Groupon turned down more than $6 billion from Google. Why? Because they think they are worth more. And, they think they are worth more because they have thousands of real salespeople going after businesses in local markets all over the country. They think these real salespeople are worth billions – because it makes it harder [...]

The New Rules: A Power Shift Re-Shaping Media

John Parikhal, CEO of Joint Communications and author of The Baby Boom says there’s a power shift going on that’s re-shaping the media. As a result, old rules are being changed and new ones are being created.