Local Sales, Groupon and Radio

Groupon turned down more than $6 billion from Google. Why? Because they think they are worth more. And, they think they are worth more because they have thousands of real salespeople going after businesses in local markets all over the country. They think these real salespeople are worth billions – because it makes it harder […]

The New Rules: A Power Shift Re-Shaping Media

John Parikhal, CEO of Joint Communications and author of The Baby Boom says there’s a power shift going on that’s re-shaping the media. As a result, old rules are being changed and new ones are being created.

Radio’s 5 Customers

“Radio is at the tipping point, and it doesn’t want to know much about the way its customers are changing.”

Cover Story: John Parikhal on The Media Fix

On the impact of radio’s innovation initiatives…Radio is being innovative but there’s often confusion between innovation and top down initiatives. Top down initiatives are seldom innovative. They are usually the result of a committee meeting and jamming out something that’s sub-optimal but agreeable to all parties. Consolidation was developing managers burdened with too many responsibilities and radio lost its innovative edge.

How to Fix Radio

The radio business got into trouble because it was ‘consolidated’ -when Congress said there should be no limit to station ownership – radio owners believed that somehow ‘big’ would translate into ‘better’. Well, big didn’t mean better. Instead, ‘big’ translated into ‘dumb’ as most (but not all) of the consolidators proceeded to pile on commercials, […]