Mobile Research 2012 – Updates and Best Practices

2012 will be the year of mobile research – as marketers try to reach the increasingly elusive consumer on-the-move. And, if you think mobile research is tough now, consider this … “Mobile research hasn’t been defined yet”. That’s the assessment of Dr. Tim Snaith,  researcher, customer service expert and co-founder of OnePoint Global -  one [...]

Buying TV by Age & Gender Isn’t Effective

If you’ve been buying TV based on the age and gender of the audience, you might be wasting your money. As CBS research guru David Poltrack said, ”There is no link, none, between the age of the specified demographic delivery of the campaign and the sales generated by that campaign.” Setting the stage for a spirited [...]

NASCAR Stays on Track With Fans

Lately, we’ve been looking at Listenomics, the new business model that encourages business to seriously listen to the customer – and to do what they suggest. We’ve been looking for case studies and found another one at NASCAR, the ultimate ‘fan driven’ business. By tapping into their fans and listening to their suggestions, NASCAR has [...]

Putting Segmentation to Practice

Recently, Daniel Yankelovich and David Meer published an article in the Harvard Business Review on market segmentation. It’s a good explanation of segmentation’s power in capturing market opportunities and increasing a company’s understanding of it target customers.  They say: Fifty-nine percent of recently surveyed companies executed a major market-segmentation initiative in the previous two years. [...]