Do African-Americans Need a Separate Search Engine?

“Rushmore’s failure is really about a lack of consumer understanding. They didn’t recognize the difference between search and engagement. Search usually starts with utility — just give me something I want. That’s what Google, Yahoo and Bing are fighting over. It has less to do with color. But engagement (which really makes ads work) is different.

Google vs Amazon

Google just announced plans to compete with Amazon for e-book sales. They believe they can compete on price, by letting publishers set lower prices than Amazon allows. We don’t think that will be enough.

Don’t Make Me Think

It still surprises me that there are so many bad websites out there – especially since some designers act as if there is nothing new left to learn about design. To me, a bad site is one where you don’t know where to start when you land on the home page and where the graphics […]

How To Improve Google

What’s not to like about Google?

It’s simple, you always get some kind of answer and almost everyone uses it. Usually, you get an answer on the 1st page.

But, what if you don’t get an answer that helps you right away?