21st Century Branding

Today’s brands engage with their customers in every way they can – using Facebook, YouTube, email, TV ads, Groupon, and even newspapers where necessary.

That’s 21st Century branding – where the customer relates to a brand that lets them control the experience, one that is convenient, connecting, and meaningful – a brand that meets the Customer Satisfaction Filters.

More than ever, brands must be relevant to customer needs – and they must constantly re-engage at an emotional and experiential level.

To help you, we focus on 3 brand drivers …

Marketing strategy. Where is the focus? Who is the customer? What is the optimal cross-platform mix?
Attention-grabbers. This includes promotion, viral marketing, out-of-the-box ideas and stunts.
Brand building. What is the brand essence? Where can it grow? What does the category ‘brand map’ look like? How does the brand engage the customer? What’s the best environment for the brand?

Example of our Brand Building Work – Beer

A national beer brand was losing market share. The brand had become ‘old’ in the minds of entry-level beer drinkers (those who were old enough to drink legally). It had lost its #1 position.

Our client wanted to increase its share and get back to #1.

We began with an assessment meeting with senior managers, including those in research. During this day long discussion, it was clear that there was a deep split about where the brand’s focus should be – on sports or entertainment, especially music.

Working with their research department, we brand mapped their product on a number of metrics including customer emotions, perceptions of competing brands and packaging.

Based on the brand map, we created attention-grabbers to shift the brand’s focus, making it more contemporary while keeping the brand heritage. We suggested a significant change in media placement and worked with the brand manager and the brand’s advertising agency who created a brilliant campaign to reposition the brand.

The brand returned to #1 gaining even more share than it had the last time it was #1.

Effective Execution – Getting It Done

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