Speeches, Seminars & Workshops

These are high-powered help – for conferences, manager’s meetings, and situations where you want a high impact presentation or workshop focused on a theme that is timely and urgent.

For example, your company may be reducing the ad budget while looking for ways to market on ‘no money’. We have a help for you with a presentation that has wowed marketing directors in media and even in the National Guard.

More than ever, companies want to know ‘what’s next’. One of our most popular workshops is ‘Five Trends Reshaping Media: And How You Can Profit From It’.

On the management side, we are seeing an increased need for practical insight that helps to grow highly creative employees into effective senior executives and managers – an essential part of business growth in the 21st Century.

These are only a small sample of our portfolio.

We customize everything for you and for your specific needs.

Popular topics include:

Futures/Trends (for example, “What’s Next and 7 Things You Can Do About It”)

Marketing (for example, “Effective Marketing on No Money”)

Branding (for example, “Branding: New Rules & New Opportunities”)

Creative Leadership (for example, “Growing Creatives: How to Grow Your ‘Creative’ Executives into Senior Leaders”)

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