Customer Satisfaction Filters

Control. Convenience. Connection. Context.

Today’s consumers have a built-in radar about whether your business really understands them.

Their radar looks for 4 things about your company and your product…

1) Is it Convenient? … Easy to use, accessible, intuitive, portable etc. (iPod, Amazon’s one-click, Google, pre-washed packaged salads etc.)

2) Does it make me feel Connected? … Part of a ‘tribe’ – ‘people like me’ or ‘people who like/experience the same things as me’ (Facebook, blogs, YouTube, stamp clubs,, rare disease sites etc.)

3) Does it give me Control? … Let me do it or use it how and when I want (Tivo, mash-ups, file sharing, etc.)

4) Does it give me Context? … Make sense of things for me, explain them, tell me a story (blogs, news sites, fan clubs, religious questions, gossip like, etc.)

Sometimes, we call the list The 4 Cs – Control. Convenience. Connection. Context.

But, usually, we call them Customer Satisfaction Filters –- because consumers are using these filters to decide if your product and your company are sensitive to their needs.

Companies that connect on 2 or more Customer Satisfaction Filters are usually very successful.

When we work with you and your company, we focus on the 4 Cs and what you are doing to improve customer control, how you are making things more convenient, what you are doing to increase connection and how you enrich their life through context.

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